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My 5 Year Old Built A Website

Written by PracticeB

July 15, 2023

Today I realized the impact that progressive mastery can have.

I taught my 5 year old son to code a basic HTML website today.

He knows his ABCs, I have taught him to type.

Now we are in phase where I try to get him to type what he sees.

He doesn’t understand what he is doing or what he is typing.

What was interesting is that he did not know what an open bracket was (<) or a closing bracket (>). He did not know what he was using it for.

But through repetition, he came to understand that he needed to press Shift + “,” to get “<“.

At first I had to say press Shift and open brackets but by the end he knew what to do when I simply said “open bracket”.

The point is I didn’t think he was ready but I knew he needed to learn the skill or the practice of seeing something and typing. So I focused on that. Even I was surprised.

It wasn’t fancy, it wouldn’t win awards but he is well on his way.

So if you have tried before to start a business and it did not work, embrace this concept.

Forget the outcome focus on progressive mastery and the rest will follow.

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