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How To Be The Best Entrepreneur

Written by PracticeB

July 14, 2023

Today I would like to introduce a concept I am calling “Progressive Mastery“. Well, that’s the best name ChatGPT could come up with on short notice so we’ll go with that in the interest of ensuring I do not lose steam.

The concept revolves around shifting the way we think about how we create “perfect”.

That perfect blog post.

That perfect YouTube video.

That perfect online course.

That perfect product.

That perfect funnel.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

I do not believe that perfect exists since it would mean that it never needs to be refined or improved. I think we have been disillusioned in believing that with the proper training, knowledge, or experience we can somehow achieve perfection.

I think striving for perfection slows us down.

The Entrepreneur Burn Out

Here’s an example of the general message that we are all thought.

Let’s say you want to create a YouTube channel.

You Google the advice or just ask ChatGPT. Either way, you find advice on growing your channel.

  • Advice on the type of videos to create.
  • Focus on SEO
  • Choose a good title
  • Get the right thumbnail
  • Don’t forget the description
  • Most important check your analytics
  • Remember post consistently.
  • etc
  • etc

While this is good advice I think it’s advice that comes last.

The advice to try to do everything all at once and try to create the best outcome slows you down (because you have so many things to focus on at a time example 1 video might take you 2 hours just trying to check all the boxes).

I think there is a better way to master anything.

So what comes first? I’m so glad you asked. The answer: Progressive Mastery Framework!

Progressive Mastery Framework

I believe the part that most people gloss over is being consistent. Or in other words the practice.

There are 3 steps to this progressive mastery framework that are very important.

  1. Practice
  2. Process
  3. Progress

3 steps to progressive mastery

1. Practice

Through practice, you gain clarity.

You gain consistency.

You figure out your style.

You know what will work for you and what won’t

You try different things with only 1 real outcome: launching.

As an entrepreneur “it does not count if it is not shipped” – Seth Godin.

So everything we do is with the intention of getting good at launching whatever we change we want to see in the market.

Let’s use the YouTube example.

You start the channel. Before focusing on making the best video. I argue you should focus on creating and posting videos.

Over and over until you launch. (or post something in this case)

When that happens step 2 comes in.

2. Process

You have gone through creating and posting a video for example.

You aren’t the fastest.

You are certainly not an expert and you may not be comfortable with the entire process but you understand what it takes to launch a product. Post a video. Create a sales funnel. Build a website. Post on social media. Write a book. Write blogs. Whatever you are trying to accomplish. You have done it at least once start to finish.

In the process phase, your focus is to get faster.

You will be focusing on getting consistent in your output. This could be moving from 1 video taking 2 hours to 1 hour or even 30mins. You will be experimenting until you have a process that works for you and your schedule.

When you have that rhythm. Time for step 3.

3. Progress

At this point, you aren’t struggling with the task because you know what needs to be done to get something out there, you have your process. So you can continue to improve but your output is frequent and consistent, you have a certain level of certainty of the time it takes to complete your task from start to finish. (even if it is still taking you longer than you want it to – that’s ok)

Progress is when you turn your attention to getting results.

It’s no longer just about output, it’s about making your output better and better. And allowing that output to do what you intended it to do.

For example the YouTube video.

At this stage, you will start to play with titles, descriptions, thumbnails etc as you try to improve the quality and reach of your video. You don’t try to change all at once but you might focus on getting more clicks by getting better (practice) and faster (process) of creating clickable thumbnails (progress) before moving on to the next task.


I have lost years of trying to launch perfectly and I have found that “Progressive Mastery” helps me to focus less on just getting sales, just posting for posting sake.

I will leave with a quote I truly love and remind myself of daily

“Every master was once a diaster”

It reminds me that if we are dedicated to mastery then success will soon follow.

Unleash Your Potential, Practice Your Success

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